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Algonkian Author Connect has evolved since late 2020 to become a high-content, locus website focused on one primary goal: providing aspiring authors with the skill-set, knowledge, and resources they realistically need to not only develop and write the modern commercial or literary novel, but also successfully edit it to whatever extent necessary. See the Site Map for general directions and major features.

In support of the above goals, AAC serves as a last-stop source for tie-breaking information on novel writing, editing, and development, and it's also a place where fiction writers, and even narrative non-fiction authors, can immerse in the world of genre publishing, as well as the world of books in general. Click here on the AAC mother forum to get advice on how to most effectively utilize the wealth of novel development, writing, and editorial guides available.

Contact us or simply join our community. There is no cost to membership. It's open to all fictioneers and narrative non-fiction writers regardless of genre, and the Algonkian Novel Writing Program is available to all Algonkian alums at no cost.

- Michael Neff

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