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  • Novel Development From Concept to Query - Welcome to Algonkian Author Connect

    There Are No Great Writers, Only Great Rewriters

    AAC has evolved since late 2020 to become a high-content, locus website focused on one primary goal: providing aspiring authors with the skill-set, knowledge, and resources they realistically need to not only develop and write the modern commercial or literary novel, but also successfully edit it to whatever extent necessary. See the Site Map for general directions and major features on the AAC mother forum to get advice on how to most effectively utilize the wealth of novel development, writing, and editorial guides available.

  1. Novel Writing Courses and "Novel Writing on Edge" Work and Study Forums

    1. Bad Novel Writing Advice - Cash and Coffee Contest

      Putrid Advice The best "bad novel writing advice" articles culled from Novel Writing on Edge. The point isn't to axe grind, rather to warn writers about the many horrid and writer-crippling viruses that float about like asteroids of doom in the novel writing universe. All topics are unlocked and open for comment.

      att.jpg Margaret Atwood Said What?
      att.jpg Don't Outline the Novel?
      att.jpg Critique Criteria for Writer Groups

    2. Novel Writing on Edge - Nuance, Bewares, Actual Results

      Putrid AdvicePlatitudes, entitled amateurism, popular delusions, and erroneous information are all conspicuously absent from this collection. From concept to query, the goal is to provide you, the aspiring author, with the skills and knowledge it takes to realistically compete in today's market. Just beware because we do have a sense of humor.

      Novel Writing on Edge I've Just Landed So Where Do I go Now?
      Novel Writing on Edge Labors, Sins, and Six Acts - NWOE Novel Writing Guide
      Novel Writing on Edge Crucial Self-editing Techniques - No Hostages

    3. Art and Life in Novel Writing

      Literary AgentMisc pearls of utility to novel writers plus takeaways on craft learned from books utilized in the AAC novel writing program including "Write Away" by Elizabeth George, "The Art of Fiction" by John Gardner, "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass, and "The Writing Life" by Annie Dillard: 

      Publication Eight Best Prep Steps Prior to Agent Query.
      Writing Goals Writing and the Disquiet of Self Doubt
      Publication Blake "Save the Cat" Snyder

    4. Algonkian Novel Writing and Editorial Program

      Novel Development ProgramDevelop, write, or rewrite the novel here. Updated narrative, developmental, and advanced reality-check courses. Primarily for genres requiring strong dramatic plot lines, e.g., suspense, crime, serious women's fiction, upscale and general fiction, historical and SFF genres. att.jpg More on NWEP and Application.

    5. Algonkian Writer Conferences - Events, FAQ, Contracts

      Algonkian Writer Conferences Algonkian events nurture intimate, carefully managed environments conducive to practicing the skills and learning the knowledge necessary to approach the development and writing of a competitive commercial or literary novel. We believe you were not born to be a good or great author, but that you stand on the shoulders of great authors gone before and only by hard work will you succeed. 

      Algonkian Pre-event Assignments, Articles, and Guides
      Algonkian Upcoming Events and Programs
      Algonkian Contracts, Careers, and Comments

  2. AAC Desert Buffet and Novel Writing Vid Reviews

    1. Novel Writing Advice Videos - Who Has it Right?

      YT Vids A forum for posting and commenting on the many (and often ridiculous) novel writing advice videos found on Youtube. Feel free to let it rip, but be respectful. Nothing derogatory concerning the speakers. The mission here is to expose and question bad novel writing advice that does not bear up under scrutiny. Members of the Algonkian Critics Film Board (ACFB) include Kara Bosshardt, Richard Hacker, Joseph Hall, Elise Kipness, Michael Neff, and Audrey Woods.

      att.jpg Stephen King's War on Plot
      att.jpg Writing a Hot Sex Scene
      att.jpg The "Secret" to Writing Award Winning Novels?

    2. Writing With Quiet Hands

      spacer.pngAll manner of craft, market, and valuable agent tips from someone who has done it all: Paula Munier. We couldn't be happier she's chosen Algonkian Author Connect as a base from where she can share her experience and wisdom. We're also hoping for more doggie pics! 

    3. Unicorn Mech Suit

      Unicorn Mech Suit Olivia's UMS is a place where SF and fantasy writers of all types can acquire inspiration, read a few fascinating articles, learn something useful, and perhaps even absorb an interview with one of the most popular aliens from the Orion east side.

    4. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

      Smart Bitches Bringing you the famous and cheeky SBTB blog for romance enthusiasts. If you're into the romance genre, this is where you want to be. If you're not, avoid at all costs to preserve your sanity. Ha ha. We're just kidding. There are some good things happening in the genre. Stay Golden, Horny Girl!

    5. Cara's Cabinet of Themes and Curiosities

      Kara's CabinetBest of AAC. A collection of ravels and unravels, combed feed, and worthwhile nuggets plucked from many sources here at AAC. Cara carefully selects only the best and presents them in an array certain to illuminate and entertain... Cara comments also. We can't get enough!

      att.jpg Ready to Get Published? Part I
      att.jpg Ready to Get Published? Part II

    6. Audrey's Corner - Reviews for Aspiring Authors

      Audrey's CornerBook reviews taken to the next level for the benefit of aspiring authors. This includes a unique novel-development analysis of contemporary novels by Algonkian Editor Audrey Woods. If you're in the early or middle stages of novel writing, you'll get a lot from this. We cannot thank her enough and look forward to her future thoughts and manifestations.

  3. New York Write to Pitch Conference and Shooting Galleries

    1. New York Write to Pitch 2022 and 2023

      New York PitchFor New York Write to Pitch or Algonkian attendees or alums posting assignments related to their novel or nonfiction. Assignments include conflict levels, antagonist and protagonist sketches, plot lines, setting, and story premise. Publishers use this forum to obtain information before and after the conference event, therefore, writers should edit as necessary. Included are NY conference reviews, narrative critique sub-forums, and most importantly, the pre-event Novel Development Sitemap.

    2. The Real World Genres - MS Shooting Gallery

      Real World Genres "Real World Genres Shooting Gallery" provides writers with opportunities to test market their best novels and hopefully score a contract. Agents and TV/Film reps will check in and review work during 2022. AAC will edit beforehand as needed. For Algonkian alums only.

    3. New Worlds, New Voices - SFF Shooting Gallery

      New Worlds, New Voices NWNV "Shooting Gallery" provides writers with the chance to test market their best SFF novels and hopefully score a contract. Agents and TV/Film reps will check in and review work during 2022. AAC will edit beforehand as needed. For Algonkian alums only.

  4. The Author Connect House of Genres

    1. Crime Reads - Suspense, Thrillers, Crime, Gun!

      Crime Reads CrimeReads is a culture website for people who believe suspense is the essence of storytelling, questions are as important as answers, and nothing beats the thrill of a good book. It's a single, trusted source where readers can find the best from the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers. No joke, 

    2. Writer Unboxed - The "Connect Kitty" Approves

      Bibliofile Cat AAC can't help but deliver the best bloggish content that will inspire writers to new leaps of imagination. This one is mostly new releases, bestsellers, literary fiction historical fiction, mysteries, popular non-fiction, memoirs and biographies.

    3. The Fantasy Hive - A U.K. Wonderland

      SFF A hub for all things fantasy (plus some SF). Book reviews, games, author interviews, features, serial fiction- you name it. The Fantasy Hive is a collaborative site formed of unique personalities who just want to celebrate fantasy. Btw, the SFF novel to the left by one of our members, Warwick Gleeson, was a "Top 150 Best Books" Kirkus pick in 2019.

    4. Women on Writing - WOW and WOW!

      Writer's Edge Women On Writing is an online magazine and community for women writers. Among major topics are novel writing, indie publishing, author platform, blogging, screenwriting, and more. Lots of contests and general jocularity sans frittering on the part of Earth's most powerful humans.

    5. The Paris Review - A Literary Wonderland

      Paris Review From one of the most classic literary journals of all time, famous for its author interviews (among other things), comes the PR feed. Grab your coffee and conjure your most literary mindset cause you're going to need it. Academics and shut-ins will wet their pants over this. Ya gotta love it!

  5. Special Private Forums

    1. Space Babies and Lost Illusions - the SFF 12/21 Pitch Writers

      A forum where the cool and brilliant members of the best NY Pitch SFF group can hang out, exchange work and ideas, make pithy comments as well as plans for Pismo Beach reunions and whatever else comes to mind.

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