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A Sitemap of AAC Development, Writing, and Editing Sources

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08Novel writing, development, editing, and pitch forums for utilization by New York Pitch and Algonkian alums, as well as AAC guests and members. This is a focal point for polishing, rewriting, or beginning a new genre or literary plot-driven manuscript. 

=> The Algonkian Novel Writing Program is open to all Algonkian/NYP alums at no additional cost. If you are not an alum, the cost is $799.00.

Novel Development Forums, Programs, and Events

att.jpg Novel Writing and Editing - Concept to Query
Platitudes, entitled amateurism, popular delusions, and erroneous information are all conspicuously absent from this collection of detailed novel writing guides and maxims. The goal is to provide you, the aspiring novel author, with the skills and knowledge it takes to realistically compete in the commercial book market of the 21st century. Best to begin the journey with Labors, Sins, and Six Acts which includes an overview and linkage to the best of AAC and Novel Writing on Edge.

This forum grouping also contains the critical "Bad Novel Writing Advice" designed to assist writers in avoiding counterproductive contamination; "Art and Life in Novel Writing" (insightful reviews of books on novel writing, among other things) that provides a balance of important advice from varying perspectives; the 16-Part "Algonkian Novel Writing Program" for editing or writing the genre novel in "six act" stages, as well as the Algonkian Writer Conferences forum, FAQ, and all other things related to Algonkian.


ACC Writer Info Forums and Video Critiques

att.jpg Reviews, Commentary, and Plenty of Controversy
Entertaining literary book analysis in Audrey's Corner with an aim towards helping aspiring novel writers; Writing With Quiet Hands, a new novel writing advice column by legendary agent, Paula Munier; Unicorn Mech Suit, a diverse collection of SFF interviews and insights; plus Cara's Cabinet collection of ravels and unravels, combed feed, and worthwhile nuggets of information culled from AAC essays and articles. And don't neglect our most popular forum of all wherein our resident geniuses dissect and discuss novel writing videos from a number of sources--unquestionably worth a rant or two. Just ask Stephen King who hates plotting!


AAC House of Blogs

att.jpg Superior Streaming Genre and Literary Content
The definitive "best of" source for valuable book reviews and publishing news in general. We mix it up and dish it into the "Activity Stream" so don't be surprised at what pops up.


Narrative Critique Forum

att.jpg New York Pitch and Algonkian Perspectives
A forum for New York Pitch alums to post samples of their scenes and prose narrative for detailed critique based on AAC guidelines. Emphasis on choice of set, narrative cinema, quality of dialogue, metaphor, static and dynamic imagery, interior monologue, general clarity, tone, suspense devices, and routine line editing issues as well.


The Shooting Galleries (for pitch purposes - sell sheets required)

att.jpg New Worlds, New Voices
The NWNV "Shooting Gallery" provides writers with the chance to test market their best SFF novels and hopefully score a contract. Agents and TV/Film reps will check in and review work during 2022. This particular SG for Algonkian alums only.

att.jpg The Real World Genres
"Real World Genres Shooting Gallery" provides writers with opportunities to test market their best novels and hopefully score a contract. Agents and TV/Film reps will check in and review work during 2022. This particular SG for Algonkian alums only.

Michael Neff
Algonkian Producer
New York Pitch Director
Author, Development Exec, Editor

We are the makers of novels, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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