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Algonkian Pre-event Narrative Enhancement Guide - Opening Hook

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Part of the first chapter – After a quick introduction to the protagonist and a brief world building, this section includes an insight into the protagonists, interaction between characters, and background to support the antagonist’s motivation.

Acalia knew it would be awhile before Charra was cleaned of Gaia’s clae. Bonded ones brought back the essence of Gaia as an offering to Mother Moon. The matched Etherwolves collect heavy essences from their bonded ones and their travels on Mother Moon’s larger sister Gaia. To the land walkers, Sister Gaia was called Mother Earth as they were made from her flesh. The sharing of the energies of the clae and moonbeams kept the Sisters connected.

Charra leaped into the Vortex Siphon. The astral gusts whipped through her red, gossamer form. It gathered all of Gaia’s soils and offered it up to the Moon Goddess to feed the Sisters’ symbiotic relationship. Acalia sighed as she remember the sensation of release when the clae was blown through her floating fur.

She glanced around. She noticed her fellow Etherwolves waiting for their loved ones to visit through the gate. A twinge of sympathy went through her as she noticed Arnou stood off to the side by himself. His light gray form hung low and lacked his normal luster. Its been over twelve full moons since Kiba had visited through the gate. Acalia went over to him.

“Don’t worry Arnou. I’m sure Kiba will visit soon. You know how easy it is to get caught up in your match’s life and lose track of time down there.”

“I know. I just didn’t expect her to forget her mate when she found a match.”

‘There are so many more of us then opportunities for a match. I’m sure she will come to her senses soon and visit.,” she said.

“At first, I was mad at her. Now, I just miss her.”

She rubbed her side against his for comfort allowing their aerial fur to mingle.“She’ll have to return with a clae offering soon. She can only hold so much before it gets painful. Then you can have a good long talk,” she replied.

She leaned harder against him. Her alabaster fur intermixing with his light smokey colored fur. Just as he was relaxing into her care she felt his energy tense up. She looked up to see a large, dark slate colored Etherwolf heading for them. His dappled fur a swirl of gray colors often reflecting his churlish mood. His mood when it came to them anyways.

She asked, “What does Diak want now?”

“The same thing he always wants, trouble.,” he replied.

Diak stopped a few inches from Arnou and looked down on him. Diak’s head was a good foot above his.

“Why do you wast your time Arnou? Kiba has probably found a land bound mate. Your acting like an Earth dog waiting moon after moon for someone who doesn’t care anymore. Your whining offends me. Go from here and wait out of my sight.”

Acalia heard a low growl start from Arnou. As much as she would like to see someone wipe the ground with Diak she knew Arnou was no match for him. At least undying obedience to a pack leader was only a land magic requirement. Etherwolves did have a hierarchy of dominance and Diak was pretty high. That made him dangerous, but not in charge.

She step between them and said, “I’m surprise to see you without your little lackeys. Did they get tired of you bossing them around?”

“I’m surprise to see you hanging around a loser. Did you want a lap dog?”

“You keep referring to dogs as if you’ve seen one. You haven’t though have you. You haven’t had a Soul Match yet. Your clan brothers, but not you.,” she replied.

Diak loomed even larger as he filled with anger. He stepped closer.

“Your lucky your chieftain was shaman tonight and your clan is moon honored or I would show you where your place is.”

She wasn’t sure her clans standing was going to be enough to dissuade Diak from beating Arnou down, but she was hoping as she stepped between them.

“Your place is in a dog house.,” Arnou snarled back at Diak.

She inwardly groaned as she had just defused the situation enough to send Diak on his way. He knocked her aside and leaped for Arnou.

“I’m going to beat you like a ..”

Before Diak could finish his threat a huge, dark form darted through the gate crashing directly into him, somersaulting him six feet past them.

“Hey clan brother. Where you waiting up to greet me?”

Durrak’s excited mass of shadow and fur easily pinned Diak’s. Every time he tried to respond Durrak would shake his fur hitting him in the mouth with a chunk of clae.

“What’s the matter little brother, got dirt in your mouth? Aren’t you going to great me?”

Durrak’s smoky tail thread waved with each shake of his fur.

“Get off me you big, smelly goof. Quit breathing on me. You have dog breath.”

“Is that anyway to great a clan brother?”

Durrak allowed him to push him off. He sat on his haunches with a big toothy grin. Diak forgot all about Arnou’s comment as he and his clan brother pushed and nipped at each other on their way to the Vortex Siphon.

“Good to remember there is always someone bigger than Diak.,” she said.

Arnou replied, “How can we get him to fly out of nowhere to tackle Diak whenever we need him to?”

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