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The Secret to Writing a Best Seller of Full of Crumpets

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Congratulations for becoming a debut author! Here are some pieces of advice that I can give you (then later check out the video at the bottom of the page):

  1. Keep Writing: Becoming a published author is just the beginning of a long journey. Continue writing, exploring new genres and styles, and honing their craft. Writing isn't a sprint...it's a marathon!

  2. Network: Attend book events and connect with other authors, readers, and publishing professionals. These connections can help  learn about the industry and potentially open doors for future opportunities.

  3. Stay open to feedback: Criticism is an essential part of the writing process, and you should be willing to accept constructive criticism and incorporate it into their work. The one thing I learned is everything you write, no matter how much you are invested and love your novel like your own flesh and blood, it can always be reworked, revised and change. That meet-cute you wrote that you love can be on the chopping block as easily as any other line or paragraph to make the book work.

  4. Be patient: The publishing process can take time, so be patient and persistent. It's not uncommon for authors to receive multiple rejections before finding a publisher. Let me say that again....YOU WILL receive multiple rejections before finding a publisher.

  5. Promote your work: Once your book is published, make an effort to promote it through social media, book signings, and other promotional events.  Connect with readers and respond to feedback.

  6. Have fun: Writing should be a joyful experience, and it's essential for your friend to enjoy the process and celebrate their achievements along the way.



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