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Bad Novel Writing Advice Contest - Rules and Prizes

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att.jpg This the first annual BAD NOVEL WRITING ADVICE CONTEST to be held by Algonkian Author Connect. The goal of this contest on a universal level is to raise awareness among all novel writers of the sheer magnitude of really counterproductive and amateurish advice circulating in the novel writing universe, much of which can be readily found in various writer groups, social media enclaves, yoga-and-yurt workshops, writer websites for juveniles, and alas, even at many popular writer conferences. 

By being made more aware, and thus more cautious, serious writers at all stages will hopefully make much better choices in terms of where they find critical advice, as well as who they are willing to accept it from as carved-tablet reality. 

att.jpg The contest begins on May 1 and lasts until November 15, 2023. Writers seeking story inspiration can find it here in the mother forum of bad novel writing advice.

att.jpg Besides cash and caffeine prizes worth up to $700.00 (see below), the four winners will be able, at the direction of AAC, to submit additional short fiction to specific execs and senior editors at Black Stone Publishing. Contestant submissions will be considered for potential adaptation into film.

The Rules

  • There is no fee to enter, however, as a first step the contestant must join Algonkian Author Connect (AAC). Click the SIGN UP link at the top right of the AAC homepage and create a login. Simple. Btw, there is also no fee to join AAC.
  • An entry to the contest (see description below) is made by creating a new topic in the BNWA forum and posting said entry with the topic subject line being the title of the piece, e.g., IN PURSUIT OF HORROR.
  • Contestants are allowed only one entry. They may return to edit the entry as necessary, and at any time before the contest ends.
  • Entries must be no longer than 500 words and will be rated on their content and storytelling quality. Entries should read like creative non-fiction shorts, i.e., with an emphasis on the reality of bad advice and its adverse effects, but related in a manner that will allow the piece to stand on its own as a unique work of art. The tone naturally may vary from humorous to darkly dramatic, and the point of view may be first, second, third, whatever suits the story.
  • Once a writer makes their "new topic" entry in the BNWA forum, their entry into the contest is official, unless and until they later, and for whatever reason, choose to remove their topic entry. If the same writer later posts an entirely new contest topic in the forum, they will be considered to have re-entered the contest. However, if the writer also deletes the second forum entry, they will be banned from submitting a third entry, or any attempted entry following that.
  • AAC is empowered to delete any and all entries that do not meet the requirements for the contest (see above).
  • Contestants will refrain from including actual names, or via narrative description, readily recognizable persons in their entries. Creative solutions must be utilized as necessary, and that includes the creation of fictionalized characters. 
  • The contest will be judged after November 15 by Algonkian Author Connect staff, and the chief judge for this first contest will be Michael Neff of Algonkian Writer Conferences. A first prize winner and three runner-ups will be announced by December 1, 2023.
  • Entries will be judged on basis of uniqueness, imagination, narrative quality, and content that suits the purpose of the contest.
  • The first prize winner will receive $700.00 paid via Zelle or Paypal. The three runner-ups will each receive $100.00 plus a bag of ground Algonkian coffee from Dean's Beans. All four winners will be enabled to write short fiction works for submission to select Blackstone Publishing executives who are looking for shorts to turn into screenplay sales and options.
  • All winners will be announced on AAC and their works will be published in a separate winner forum. AAC possesses non-exclusive rights to publish any contest entries on AAC only.
  • Contestants may use whatever visible ID they wish in to order to post their entry, however, they must provide Algonkian Author Connect with their actual email and real name upon creating their membership for entry posting purposes. This information will be held in strictest confidence and will not be used by any third party.
  • By entering this contest, the contestant agrees to all the rules above.
  • Direct any questions about the contest to the main Algonkian contact page.



AC Admin

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