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Writing Goals and the Disquiet of Self-Doubt

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We are living in a rather crazy time right now, with upheaval intruding upon our feelings of safety and comfort, and most of all upon our ability to remain focused on our writing. I hope to give anyone reading this the opportunity to come back to themselves and reconnect to the writer inside, and to encourage you to contemplate your reasons for choosing this path to begin with.

So, to start out this brand-new forum known as Kara's Cabinet of Themes and Curiosities, as well as this brand-new year, here are my top five picks for the week and in the order that I think they should be read:


#1: Writing Self-Care for When the World is Afire

The way this article is written is definitely in line with its title; it is a balm to the writer’s soul that is perhaps a little lost and heavy. I also think the author, Jan O’Hara, gives a wonderful and rather smart list of “tiny acts” that you can apply to help get back to your WIP, or other writing goals.

 #2: Stagnant Goals

For those of you that have more than just your writing life to worry about, or a family to care for, I recommend this article. It isn’t so much about how to approach goal setting as it is a story about one woman’s self-introspection on what went wrong. It’s also short and to the point (which is always helpful if you’re a busy parent or professional by day and writer by night). If you want more in depth goal making material then you’ll want to read the next article as well.

#3: New Thinking About Old Goals

Since it’s a new year, focusing on goals seems like the right thing to do, even if it’s cliché. Hey, we gotta evaluate those goals sometime, right? What I love about this article is that it gives a new and fresh perspective about goals and why you want them, not just for writing, but for any aspect of your life. If you need more motivation in this area it’s definitely worth the read.

#4: On the Deep Disquiet of Finishing Your Book

While this article may seem a bit contradictory to the rest of my top picks due to its rather depressing tone, it is well crafted and even a bit humorous. I chose it for those who are further along in their writing journey and need more than the normal hum-drum advice that’s out there in spades for beginners. While it is the lengthiest of all the articles I’ve chosen, the author, Jonathan Lee, goes into depth about what he’s personally experienced after publication and how he’s having to come to terms with where his writing journey is at.

#5: Write of Way #11-The Cycle of Doubt

This article is last on the list, not because it is of less importance, but rather because it’s light-hearted and funny. If you’ve read your way down these posts in their exact order, then I wanted to make sure you left feeling a bit cheerier than when you came. Or, if all you’re looking for today is a good giggle then here it is. A.Z. Anthony is insightful and is able to put into words something that I think we’ve all struggled with at some point, but with a comical twist.

Happy week and happy writing to you all.

Until next time,


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