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Are You Ready to Get Published? – Part 1

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I suspect that most writers have “Get Published” on their list of goals for the year. Given that this assumption is correct (and I’m pretty sure it is), I’m dedicating this week’s post and next week’s to getting published and what to expect in the process. Whether you’re looking into the traditional route or self-publishing, I’ve got something for everyone. Without further ado, here are my top five picks for this week:

#1: Podcast 365. Sunrise, Sunset, and Behind the Scenes in Publishing: Hanging out with Abby Zidle

Abby Zidle is the senior editor and associate director of marketing at Gallery Books. While this podcast is mostly geared toward the romance genre, Abby makes some really interesting points about women in publishing, women authors, and how they are changing the face of the industry. She also talks about how Amazon and eBooks altogether have shifted what sells. Mass-market paperback, anyone? This is about a one hour listen, and it might even make you laugh.

#2: To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish

R.S. Ford gives a no-nonsense approach to the self-publishing world and why you would, or would not, want to be apart of it. In my opinion, it seems like he is almost trying to talk writers out of this route, but that’s probably because he’s just getting down to the brass tacks of it all. It’s incredibly informative and definitely worth your time if you’ve been thinking that self-publishing might be for you.

#3: 5 Reasons to Turn to Traditional Publishers Rather than Self-Publishing

On the flip side of things, Writer’s Unboxed gives some very enlightening reasons to avoid self-publishing. This isn’t to confuse or muddy the publishing waters, but rather my hope is that this information helps writers really think about the path they want their writing career to take.

#4: Published Authors Share Wisdom from their Debut Journeys

This gem of an article contains the advice of multiple different 2020 debut authors—who all published traditionally—and what they wished they would have known ahead of time or done differently. I recommend this to all.

#5: I Choose Joy, Dammit!

If you’re in the throws of a hectic life and schedule right now then you’ll definitely want to read how one author dealt with it all. Full of clarity and passion, Julie Carrick Dalton shares her insight into how she conquered her stress when faced with increasing demands on her time after publishing her first book, facing a deadline with her publisher for her second, and all while trying to take care of her family and home. I may or may not have shed a tear while reading this.

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 I enjoy your curated lists. This particular collection strikes me square as I've self-published for nine years now. I can't not happen to things. Waiting for things to happen to me feels uncomfortable. I'm a bit of a terrier, SQUIRREL!

 Self-publishing exposes the emotional roller coaster of creation to birth to handing over your baby for all that misunderstanding, or love. Or both. Mostly both. I've written a million words most likely. I've sold thousands of copies. Signed about a third, and spoken on stages about them. I've a tidy readership. Self-publishing is a fantastic way to get on the road and feel the bumps. It's an excellent way to learn what readers tolerate and what they celebrate. Reasonable expectations are met.

 Unreasonable expectations will sandpaper your soul, no matter where you allow your words to flow.

Thank you for your reading lists. And the time you take to create.

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