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Stay Golden, Horny Girl!

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I am so excited that I get to use words like this:

By popular demand!

For a limited time!



In an ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC (they said modestly) podcast crossover episode,  Amanda and I were joined by Melody and Erin from the Heaving Bosoms Podcast.

We joined forces to discuss Toxic Desire by Robin Lovett.

Toxic Desire
A | BN | K | AB
Listen, this book is NSFW but it is PERFECT for your life, and so was this podcast episode!

A forked-tongued alien whose fangs secrete sex venom attacks a ship, and said alien and the ship’s captain crash land on a planet where the atmosphere is an aphrodisiac?

We had plenty to talk about, and while we were chatting, STAY GOLDEN, HORNY GIRL was born.

We had so much fun with this episode, and we had SO MANY requests for merch that we reached out to Robin Lovett herself!

We’re collaborating with the author on this limited edition campaign, and all proceeds benefit Robin’s preferred charity, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. NCADV is a four-star rated charity at Charity Navigator, and every penny of profit from this campaign goes direct to them.

Are you ready to STAY GOLDEN?

We have shirts!

Stay Golden, Horny Girl, a Midnight Navy Premium Unisex Tee
Premium tee, $24.99

And hoodies!

Stay Golden, Horny Girl, a Cardinal Red Pullover Hoodie
Pullover Hoodie, $37.99

And crewneck sweatshirts!

Stay Golden, Horny Girl, a Navy Crewneck Sweatshirt
Crewneck sweatshirt, $35.99

And, for all your tasty beverages and spare fang venom, MUGS!

Stay Golden, Horny Girl, a White Coffee Mug
Mug, $15.99

The apparel is available in a few different colors, and the campaign ends in 21 days – that’s it!

So get yourself some comfy swag, support the NCADV, and, above all, STAY GOLDEN, HORNY GIRL!

Special thanks to Alfredo Sanchez and the design team at Bonfire, Erin and Melody from Heaving Bosoms Podcast, and author Robin Lovett

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