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Deciding to update the current New York Pitch with elements of the "Write to Market" event featured in the San Francisco Bay area, the editors at Algonkian have produced a unique new hybrid conference known as the New York Write to Pitch 2023. So what's actually new? The Write to Pitch includes more formal emphasis on addressing the quality of competitive prose narrative, utilizing various guides and exercises that include the prose "opening pages" guide forum here on Algonkian Author Connect.

And btw, what kind of writers will benefit from this new event? 

Looking for a Reality Check

Writers who believe they need a mid-course or early stage reality check to determine whether or not they're on the correct path. Is the story a solid high-concept New York will buy? Is the plotting of the novel sound and flawless? Are the characters living on the page? What must be done to make the ms even better than it is? See the event schedule page for additional elaboration.

Need Professional Editorial Advice

Advice does not come from amateurs at the conference, only from professionals with many years of in-depth experience. Writers obtain logins to select and advanced novel editorial-and-development forums at Algonkian Author Connect, and for post-event purposes, they utilize the Algonkian Novel Writing Program for final rewrites prior to submission. Prose enhancement and writing classes taking place during the event also contribute, as well as the prep and pitch sessions. 

Close to Becoming Published Authors

If the writer believes they have a complete or near complete ms, ready to pitch to an editor or agent, the conference will benefit them in more ways than one.  See the conference benefits page for additional elaboration.

Wish to Acquire a Greater Understanding of Publishing

Regardless the stage of the novel, the writer wishes to gain more knowledge about commercial and literary publishing from professionals in the business. But be warned. All the faculty will be honest with their advice and revelations. The writer needs to hear the facts, not a rock-candy version of reality.

Michael Neff
Algonkian Producer
New York Pitch Director
Author, Development Exec, Editor

We are the makers of novels, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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