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Algonkian Writer Conferences began in 2002 on the banks of the Potomac River in northern Virginia. After coming upon Algonkian Park for the first time in 2002, with its beautiful setting and cottages, it seemed a natural place for a workshop, and thus, Algonkian Writer Conferences was born. By 2004 it expanded to include more professionals in the literary business, i.e., agents, editors, and authors. The format evolved also to feature novel analysis and preparation, as well as the perfection of the Algonkian Writer Conferences pitch model used to both prepare and sell the novel.

Commentary, contracts signed, and careers launched can be found here.

Algonkian events nurture intimate, carefully managed environments conducive to practicing the skills and learning the knowledge necessary to approach the development and writing of a competitive commercial or literary novel. If you are beginning a novel or working on one in-progress, or if you have a completed ms and require a strong reality check, you must receive professional, highly focused reaction not only to your prose and narrative, but to your entire work, including the story premise (most important), plot points, antagonist, secondary characters, conflict lines, theme, and all else.

Our ultimate goal is to increase your odds of becoming a published author by showing you how to inhabit that upper percentile of writers who will have their work taken seriously by professionals in the business.

Algonkian Quotes

Impatience born of haste is a writer's second worst enemy. Hubris is the first.

Equal parts ignorance and false optimism will launch a first draft, but upon the waning of momentum and the onset of frustrating epiphany, the writer must be reborn into a true and humble apprentice to the craft. As the aspiring author evolves, these two states of being are nearly inevitable. Only the narcissist fails to realize the latter.

- Algonkian Director Michael Neff

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