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As noted elsewhere, this unique novel writing intensive begins before you arrive and continues after you depart. Participants receive specific assignments and readings found in the novel development forums of Algonkian Author Connect. At the conclusion of the retreat, we provide a follow-up novel development program online which includes additional faculty consult. Participation is strictly voluntary, but we strongly encourage it.

The event itself creates an intimate and professional environment that combines private meetings with small-group workshops, thus enabling aspiring authors to wisely approach the writing and publication of their novel. They will:

    1) Work one-on-one with top authors and savvy market professionals.
    2) Apply advanced story and narrative technique to their novel-in-progress.
    3) Hone and improve their writer voice and style.
    4) Learn the necessary inside mechanics of the publishing business.
    5) Leave the workshop with a detailed plan to work towards publication of their novel.

Day by Day

Writers meet on Thursday night and go to dinner in St. Augustine (time to be announced).

Beginning Friday morning, 9 AM, group workshop sessions will be interspersed with agent and author consultations, workshop assignments, as well as consults with workshop leaders. On the first day, writers meet in a group with author-agents Paula Munier and Michael Neff who work in tandem on each writer's novel premise and all other vital developmental issues as they present themselves during the course of discussion and analysis. This workshopping continues into the following day, each session layering in more technique and constructive editorial detail. Writers also have evening assignments to consider.

On the third day, each writer meets one-on-one with the other event faculty to present and discuss their work, and with ample time to do so. This continues from morning into early evening, as long as it takes. Dinner in St. Augustine or Vilano Beach follows that night.

On the fourth day, writers meet with faculty to accomplish a wrap-up consult which consists of formulating a publication plan going forward, as well as discussion that involves the utilization of the post-event novel development program. The event concludes by 2 PM.

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