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The St. Augustine Author-Mentor Novel Workshop event takes place on February 24 - 27, 2023, for a total of four days. Registration is due upon successful application and formal acceptance to the workshop. If registration needs to be postponed, arrangements can easily be made. The cost of a room and full access to our select AirBnB homes in Vilano Beach are included if you are paying the full amount of $1589.00. If you are not choosing to stay there, for whatever reason, the registration fee is $1289.00 (see below).

Writers who register between January 1 and January 30, 2023 will receive a $300.00 reduction in the cost of full accommodation for a total of $1289.00, and those who prefer lodging elsewhere will receive a $200.00 reduction in cost for a total of $1089.00.

Both registrations include all workshops, prose critiques, materials, pre-event assignments, pre-event classes, online forum registration, faculty consults, and for editorial purposes, the post-event Algonkian Novel Writing Program and two extra faculty consults (arrange with event coordinator). There is no other fee pertaining to the conference, pre-conference, or post-conference.

Following registration, writers will receive access to development and marketing forums as well as the pre-event e-Book guide and logins to the editorial program.


Jan. 1-30, $1289.00



Jan. 1-30, $1089.00


Refund policy: a full refund up to 30 days prior to the event.

If you need to break up registration payments, contact us and we will come up with a plan.

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